Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moving Closer by Never the Strangers

Profile: 2nd year Proper-Dentistry
Cebu Doctors' University

Profile: 1st year Proper-Dentistry
Cebu Doctors' University

This is our own version of Moving Closer by Never the Stranger. It was fun doing this film. We didn't expect to finish shooting all the scenes in one day considering that we only have limited time. Given that situation we somehow pulled it together and made this film a success! May you enjoy this music video that we made.

Credit goes to Ryz for the pictures :)) Shout out to Never the Strangers, who owns the song. I want to mention our friends who were working with us behind the camera to make this possible. FranklinEasterSharmaine, and Tomomi


Ericka Garcia said...

Pagka kilig oi!

Good job to your team Tof! =)

Eden said...

hope you update your blog, guys!


Clueless FIlm Productions said...

yup.. right now we just got our break from our CDU-MT shoot. Got really busy. :))

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