Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cebu - Negros | Hitchhiking Adventure | 3Days/2Nights

For other details regarding our HITCHHIKING adventure, read the full article here.

Surely not most of the people who loves outdoor adventures realize that there's HITCHHIKING here in the Pearl of the Orient. What drives us to do such adventure? Its something that you need to watch for you to discover why hitchhiking is very efficient here. 

We traveled across Cebu City - San Carlos City - Dumaguete City, and all towns in between. One thing was set in our minds, it was to have fun during the whole trip. We didn't mind if we don't have enough money for worst-case scenarios. The whole trip was so much for us to handle that we ended up failing our mission. But that's not the point, in these kind of adventure, HAVING FUN is a must.

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