Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mini Project: Test Shoot

Our first try of how filmmaking is, the Clueless way. Even though there's only a director, cameraman, and 3 artists, we were still able to shoot everything according to our plan. We managed to take everything in a single day. Hopefully, it will turn out the way we expect it to be.

As of now, we are partially done editing. We will soon start the dubbing part. We will launch the full video more likely at the end of the week.

Its very productive of us to have this project considering that we only have one camera to shoot with and we don't even have budget. The props used in this video are owned by the artist.

One of the scenes that we think is gonna be great. Yup, its just a digital camera and lets just say that the outcome of this will not be in an HD resolution since its just a test shoot.

Special mention to our friend, who took the role of one of our casts. His plan was just to observe but we lack an actor so we got him to do the acting. :)

Watch the trailer here. Have fun!

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