Sunday, April 15, 2012


June Vengeance
Produced by Mr. Wilson Gonzales

Main Characters:

Dwayne Carillo as Marky
Elka Nacalaban as Cassandra

This movie was taken around 3 years ago for my highschool's film festival held yearly. I teamed up with my bestfriend in coming up with this movie. Both of us wrote the script, directed, edited, took shots, and due to the lack of participants we ended up taking a minor role in this film. This film garnered the "Best Director", "Best Editor", "Best Actress", "Best in Musical Scoring",  and "Best Supporting Actress". We never expected to win most of the awards of the festival but God really is good to us! 

Looking back at this film makes me laugh. Look how funny this film is edited! Looks like it was made for fun at some point. Anyway, the point of the whole film fest was to let the students enjoy their school year by joining into this extracurricular activity. So I hope you enjoy this film of ours. :) 

A Death God's Wish
Produce by Mr. Marlowe Revolteado

Daddy Loves Me
Produce by Mrs. Florissa Dejan  and Ms. Irma


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