Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cebu - Negros | Hitchhiking Adventure | 3Days/2Nights

For other details regarding our HITCHHIKING adventure, read the full article here.

Surely not most of the people who loves outdoor adventures realize that there's HITCHHIKING here in the Pearl of the Orient. What drives us to do such adventure? Its something that you need to watch for you to discover why hitchhiking is very efficient here. 

We traveled across Cebu City - San Carlos City - Dumaguete City, and all towns in between. One thing was set in our minds, it was to have fun during the whole trip. We didn't mind if we don't have enough money for worst-case scenarios. The whole trip was so much for us to handle that we ended up failing our mission. But that's not the point, in these kind of adventure, HAVING FUN is a must.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nuffnang Invaded Cebu

What's the best thing about being a blogger?



and this, drinks and giveaways!

The shots of Tequila

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

USC Film Studies Presscon

To all the people out there who's interested in Film making, or for those who want to be part in a production team. There will be a Press Conference at USC-CAFA Theater on April 26, Thursday, 2PM.

This will also be a good chance for small group of filmmakers to ask questions from the PROs in Film making.

Also, for those who are very much interested in enrolling with this course, good news for you guys! University of San Carlos will be opening their new course, "Master of Arts in Cinema Studies". This course will be offered this June 2012

For more information regarding this press conference or the Bachelor of Fine Arts Cinema and Masters of Fine Arts Cinema Studies program, please contact the Department of Fine Arts Tel No. 344-3801 (local 702) or Mr. Misha Anissimov, Cinema Coordinator through email

Sunday, April 15, 2012


June Vengeance
Produced by Mr. Wilson Gonzales

Mini Project: Test Shoot

Our first try of how filmmaking is, the Clueless way. Even though there's only a director, cameraman, and 3 artists, we were still able to shoot everything according to our plan. We managed to take everything in a single day. Hopefully, it will turn out the way we expect it to be.

As of now, we are partially done editing. We will soon start the dubbing part. We will launch the full video more likely at the end of the week.

Its very productive of us to have this project considering that we only have one camera to shoot with and we don't even have budget. The props used in this video are owned by the artist.

One of the scenes that we think is gonna be great. Yup, its just a digital camera and lets just say that the outcome of this will not be in an HD resolution since its just a test shoot.

Special mention to our friend, who took the role of one of our casts. His plan was just to observe but we lack an actor so we got him to do the acting. :)

Watch the trailer here. Have fun!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jeepney: Behind the Scenes

Title: Jeepney, a story of coincidence. 
Written by:  Marcello Santos III

Our first "mini" project is to actualize this story. We chose some of our friends to act as the characters of this story since we only have limited time for the preparation.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Clueless Film Productions

The Discovery.

Before the semester ended, I convinced myself to take filmmaking as a pastime activity during this summer other than my usual outdoor activities. Not long enough and its summertime once again and as usual as my summer is, i have nothing much to do but eat, surf (online), and sleep. All things changed when I messaged one of my friends on Facebook. I told her this idea of mine about filmmaking. I did not expect her to like anything about what I told her. Well, lucky me she was the kind of person who's into this kind of hobby. As soon as we have agreed on some terms we proposed to take a test video shoot. Until then, Clueless Film was formed.

The Search.

We, at Clueless Film, are on the process of making this group as one of the organizations in Cebu Doctors' University. For now, were taking one step at a time since we have just begun ironing things out for this group.

Now, we are looking for more crew members who are willing to invest their spare time in filmmaking as an Actor, Video Editor, Scriptwriter, Director, and Cameraman/woman. We will be open to anyone who is interested in this field. For the school organization, we will be entertaining CDU students who are more interested in this field. This only serves as our pastime activity, thus going to school is priority #1.

The following people we need must be:
     - a student in CDU (for the school org.)
     - any interested individual (CDU/Non-CDU student)
     - have a little background of
        their desired field
     - willing to spend their spare time
       with the crew (if there is a project
       or a meet)

For those who are interested, email us your name and position you want to partake at

Hope to work with you soon! 

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