Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jeepney: Behind the Scenes

Title: Jeepney, a story of coincidence. 
Written by:  Marcello Santos III

Our first "mini" project is to actualize this story. We chose some of our friends to act as the characters of this story since we only have limited time for the preparation.

Shooting for a film isn't really easy as you would expect it to be.  Its somehow tiring at some point. We went to one of our cast's condo to change Maybelle's (May, in the film) wardrobe and at the same time take a little rest.

This photo was taken from the last scene of the story. This is the part when the "other guy" introduces himself. Showing the face and revealing the name of the character of this dude would  be the things that the audience will look forward to.

When you wait, you will get better results than what you have expected. Calling for some "jeepney" going to her school. After this scene, something happened that led her to know something about her crush.

A little something for the audience! Here's the trailer of our project. Enjoy!

Directed by: Chenee

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