Tuesday, April 24, 2012

USC Film Studies Presscon

To all the people out there who's interested in Film making, or for those who want to be part in a production team. There will be a Press Conference at USC-CAFA Theater on April 26, Thursday, 2PM.

This will also be a good chance for small group of filmmakers to ask questions from the PROs in Film making.

Also, for those who are very much interested in enrolling with this course, good news for you guys! University of San Carlos will be opening their new course, "Master of Arts in Cinema Studies". This course will be offered this June 2012

For more information regarding this press conference or the Bachelor of Fine Arts Cinema and Masters of Fine Arts Cinema Studies program, please contact the Department of Fine Arts Tel No. 344-3801 (local 702) or Mr. Misha Anissimov, Cinema Coordinator through email mishaanissimov@yahoo.com

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